The New

Welcome to the Pine State Amateur Radio Club's (N1ME) Website. We are in the process of redesigning this site to make it more useful and informative as time goes on.

In order to not freak people out as to what happened to the old stuff, check out the section here as we transition from old site to new. It will remain here for historical purposes also.

One of the new design features is the "teaser pics slideshow" above, along with the nice brown hue banner with the meeting date and time. The background color CAN be changed, if we like. You should have seen what was there when we started (bright pumpkin orange). All colors can be changed easily, i.e. links can go from green to fuchia or polka dots (just kidding - I haven't figured out polka dots yet)

Within the next few weeks/months many new options can/may be added such as club email - similar to but different in that you can SEND out the emails too, the admin does strongly suggests your call sign (as with -- you actually check it through this website. It also works with MS Outlook if you have it at home (see W1KMC for help or call 207-631-2593 or 888-587-9296 -- his other hobby)

for now use the Archived Site for info on our great club. Don't forget the Pedal the Penobscot Race on September 11th. Contact Steve - KD1OM for more details