AmateurLogic 170: Emile’s Cheap Old Hamvention

18-06-2022 06:00
When it comes to finding the best value at a hamfest, no one sniffs out the bargains like the Cheap Old Man. Follow George and Emile as they explore Hamvention 2022. Mike continues his controversial discussion with ‘To Ground, or Not To Ground’. Tommy shows how to use ‘Terminal Mode’ for easy D-Star network communications without a repeater or hotspot. 1:52:40
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Ham College 89 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 27

28-05-2022 06:00
E6D Toroidal and Solenoidal Inductors: permeability, core material, selecting, winding, transformers, piezoelectric devices. 56:54
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AmateurLogic 169: Not Another Friday The 13th

14-05-2022 06:00
Driving a ground rod using water. Windows 3.0, GEOS, CPM, GEM and MS-DOS on a microcontroller. APRS FI explored. On our way to Dayton. 1:07:42
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Ham College 88 - Extra Class Exam Questions – Part 26

30-04-2022 06:00
E6C Digital ICs: Families of digital ICs, gates, Programmable Logic Devices (PLDs). 51:15
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AmateurLogic 168: Type ‘N’, VarAC Chat, Bluetooth Photos

16-04-2022 06:00
A new type Type ‘N’ connector installed. VarAC enhanced Chat client. Transferring photos over the air from a bluetooth phone. 1:16:02
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