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Amateur Radio Exam Session

The Pine State Amateur Radio Club held an Amateur Radio Exam Session on April 01, 2017 from 9:00 Am to 12:00 Noon at the Machias Savings Bank in Brewer at 581 Wilson Street in the 2nd floor conference room (or if other room available and needed, the room where we hold the club meetings). Pete Bither - AI1O is the point of contact and the exam page of this website has his contact information. Our Exam sessions and others throughout Maine can be found on our Amateur Radio Upcoming License Exams page. See you on there. W1KMC - Web Manager

Here is a list of successful exams with the Last name, First initial -> Class before -> Class After (for upgrades and NEW) and Call sign (for new, when the list shows on the FCC website they will be put here).

NameClass BeforeNew ClassCall Sign
Sarnacki, G.(None)TechnicianKC1HJQ
Thomson, A.(None)GeneralKC1HJR
Williams, N.(None)TechnicianKC1HJS

Friday 2017-Feb-03 :: 12:20:00 PM EST Category: Exam Sessions
Posted by: Kevin M Carman - W1KMC