Aug 2, 2023

N1ME VHF Repeater Temporarily Offline

Category: Club News
Posted by: K1JO - John Owens
Passed on by Dave N1DAE Aug 1, 2023 Last night it was reported that our VHF repeater was occasionally noisy and/or not working at all. All other parts of our system appeared to be working normally which pointed to an issue with the VHF repeater itself. It was taken off the air earlier today for diagnosis and repair. Obviously this throws a bit of a monkey wrench in the weekly on air meeting using VHF... but UHF still works... While our VHF repeater is down, our UHF repeater remains on the air. This repeater doesn't have quite the range of our VHF machine bit it's still perfectly functional. If you don't have the following channel in your UHF radio give it a try: Rx: 444.400 Tx: 449.400 88.5

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