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Session on Nov 18 nets 6 new and one upgrade.

On Saturday November 18 at 9:00 am, we had a good turnout for our exam session, 7 total examinees (one was a youngster). All had passesd the test that they came to take (most first timers, 1 for upgrade) and some went on to take a second test (two passed those). Below is the table of Examinees and will show the call signs as soon as I get them.

Note to those on the list, once call sign shows up you need to go to the FCC website and register to print your new/upgraded license on the ULS system - just Click here to go there now. for new licensees, choose register (unless you already hold a different type license (GMRS comes to mind - in which case you should have a login) ) and follow the instructions. Upgraded licenses can be printed again with the current logon you have.

NameClass BeforeNew ClassCall Sign
Daigle, J.(None)GeneralKC1IPX
Fairman, R.(None)GeneralKC1IPY
Edmiston,-Cyr, L.TechnicianGeneralKC1FOD
McCrea, P.(None)TechnicianKC1IPZ
Thomas, S.(None)Technician
(our youngster)
Hicks, N.(None)TechnicianKC1IQE
Egolf, J.(None)TechnicianKC1IQB

Congratulations to all and welcome to the world's second most expensive hobby. :-) -- feel free to check in to our nets on Tuesdays at 8:00 pm - once you get your call sign of course.

Sunday 2017-Nov-19 :: 11:08:38 AM EST Category: Exam Sessions
Posted by: Kevin M Carman - W1KMC