Our Repeaters

We operate two (well, technically three) repeaters in the Bangor area.

N1ME/B 10 Meter Beacon28.247MHz NoneA Presiden HR2600 10 Meter 22Watt Rig
VHF Analog146.940- 600KHz(multiple)(see below)
Greenfield 88.5On-Air
Corinna 100.0On-Air
Bangor 103.5On air
Orrington 136.5Pending
UHF Analog444.400+ 5MHz-used as a link
VHF DMR (DMR-MARC)145.310- 600KHzCC10On-Air

Our DMR Talkgroup setup is as follows:

Time SlotTalkgroupTalkgroup Name
1759SKYWARN© Primary
18801NETAC 1*
13172Northeast (CT-MA-ME-NH-NJ-NY-RI-VT)
13North America
113Worldwide English*
1310TAC 310*
1311TAC 311*
1113UA English 1*
1123UA English 2*
19998Parrot* (echo test for audio)
28802NETAC 2*
23123ME Statewide
23133NH Statewide*
28Region North (MA-ME-NH-VT); also SKYWARN© Secondary
23181New England Wide (CT-MA-ME-NH-RI-VT and New Brunswick)
* PTT Activated

For more information on DMR in Maine visit Maine-DMR.org

For more information on the New England Digital Emergency Communications Network (NEDECN) visit NEDECN.org

For more information on the DMR-MARC network visit DMR-MARC.net