AmateurLogic.TV Episode 50

14-02-2013 05:00
Peter builds the NS-40 40-Meter QRP Transmitter Kit. George and Tommy visit friends and find new toys at the 2013 Capital City Hamfest. Emile talks about Ham Radio Deluxe and Automating routine tasks. We run into someone you may remember and much more. 1:09:00 of the usual suspects.
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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 49

14-01-2013 05:00
George builds a highly efficient 7-40 volt Raspberry Pi power regulator. Tommy constructs a Tape Measure Yagi antenna. Peter’s UG-802 Android Dongle. Emile’s Baofeng UV-5RC. Icom’s new IC-7100, ID-51A radios, and more. 1:02:50 of AmateurLogic entertainment.
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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 48

15-12-2012 05:00
George shows us how to setup an HF Radio Station. Tommy builds a Foxhunt beacon with the Arduino. Peter has a Raspberry Pi present for you. Emile talks about hi tech cheap stuff. We give away the Complete HF Station featuring great gear from Icom, MFJ, Wireman & Heil Sound. Santa Tracking, The end of the world and more… 59:51 of holiday entertainment.
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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 47

15-11-2012 05:00
George visits the MFJ Metal Show for some heavy metal fun. Tommy introduces us to the Arduino microcontroller. Peter builds a 1/4 wave garage mounted vertical. Emile talks about calibrating his HF rig with WWV. And of course the usual fun and entertainment. This is the last show before we give away the Complete HF Radio Station featuring an Icom IC-7200 and all the necessary accessories. Get your entry in now. 01:03:15 of AmateurLogic entertainment.
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AmateurLogic.TV Episode 46

27-10-2012 06:00
AmateurLogic.TV is celebrating our 7th Anniversary. Because we couldn’t fit it into one hour, join us for part 2 of the highlights and the backstory on some of our favorite scenes. To our loyal viewers, here is a chance to win a FREE complete HF Amateur Radio Station. Watch the show for complete details. If you laughed during part 1, you will bust a gut on this one… 01:00:03 of AmateurLogic history.
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